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Connoisseur  Quality Craft Concentrates

handcrafted by consumers For Consumers

Our Finest Flower


It starts with our farm and cultivation of the finest flower that produces high cannabinoid and terpene profiles from hand selected phenotype varieties that establish the unique medicinal qualities in our extracts.

Our Specialty Extraction Methods


Not just another cannabis company.  The extraction team is built from a wealth of knowledge and experience in extraction techniques that presents a high quality standard for our products.  

Our Finest Extracts


Our high quality crafted cannabis products come from our own desire to consume the finest quality cannabis products.  Our own standards have developed a connoisseur quality to our products that we want to share with other consumers who desire the finest quality extracts.

High Quality Cartridges


Our High Terpene Cured Resin is made by removing a portion of THCa to enable a terpene rich, liquid-like extract that works perfectly for our cartridges. Our Distillate combines sources of material not designed to be sold in a jar, yet still full of medicinal value is refined into pure cannabinoids creating our Live Resin + cartridges.

Craft Connoisseur Concentrates


Our High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract is the best product we make. Made only from cured cannabis, to extract resin, we then perform a winterization process to fully remove any non-therapeutic compounds from the resin. We cure it for a month to allow proper THCa separation. This requires the most skill and knowledge in handcrafting concentrates of the finest quality.

Good Medicine


Our attention to detail as consumers, is that we want the very best in our products.. we want good medicine, and  our practices reflect that. We start with the finest flower, combined with our high level of standards, experience, and refining our extraction methods, we have developed a unique quality in the finest cannabis products.

all about Our extracts


Our most basic extract.  Consistency can range from rigid like glass to slightly soft.  Packaged with parchment in an envelope.


Terpene-rich extract that has the consistency of wet sugar.  We often see terpene results above 10% on these extracts. Packaged and sealed in jar inside box.


Smooth, creamy, spreadable consistency like batter. Perfect for those who want their extract homogenized, offering consistent flavor and potency.  Packaged and sealed in jar inside box.


Similar in looks to sugar, but is further refined during the THCA crash out.  This extract is loaded with THCA micro crystals and terpenes.  It is derived from our Caviar making it a premium product.  Packaged and sealed in jar inside box.


Caviar is our most premium product.  Small to large THCA faceted crystals, swimming in a pool of terpenes.  Can be processed using fresh frozen or dry cured cannabis. Packaged in childproof ceramic jar inside box.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

Loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids, this product is derived from cured material only.  Fully de-waxed to remove impurities to provides a smooth and flavorful smoke capturing the profile of that strain.  This is the true essence of cannabis, and closest to tasting the fresh flower itself.  Packaged in blister pack with card insert. 

High Terpene Cartridges

 High Terpene Extract (HTE): Our high terpene sauce for cartridges can be derived from live or cured flower.  We offer 0.5 gram cartridges as either full high terpene extract or combined with distillate for our Live/Cured Resin+  cartridges.  Packaged in blister pack with card insert. 

Live Rosin

We don't use solvents in Live Rosin extraction process, only water, ice, and agitation to separate and remove trichomes from the material.  It is then mechanically separated through filter screens.  Packaged in jar inside box.

Cold Process

We "cold process" everything we extract which allows our gases to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids; leaving behind the chlorophyll, fats and waxes.