About Us

The Finest Flower


Our focus is on care and cultivation of the finest handcrafted cannabis. We are dedicated to organic growing practices and hand selecting the best phenotypes for flavor and potency to reflect the cultivar's unique profile.

Craft Connoisseur Concentrates


 Our attention to detail and level of expertise sets us apart in this industry.  A combination of our high quality standards in our desired outcomes and extracting the finest quality concentrates.  We use the finest equipment paired with a level of knowledge and experience within our extraction team that creates connoisseur quality concentrates.

Hemp Cultivation


Introducing Rolen Stone Hemp Co.  Now cultivating high quality hemp in the Applegate Valley.  We know the value of high CBD flower, so we've extended our farms to cultivate hemp flower for use in combining our finest flower with high CBD to create ratios that support a variety of needs.

rolen stone

Rolen Stone Farms has cultivated cannabis in the rich soils of the Applegate Valley since 2016.  

Rolen Stone Farms and Extracts is dedicated to organic growing practices, using living soil and nutrients locally sourced from the Oregon Coast. The farm is dedicated to carefully selecting the best phenotypes for flavor and potency.

Rolen Stone uses the finest extraction equipment and methods to create extracts that truly reflect the cultivar's terpene profile.

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